Do we save water when we use the dishwasher?

Do we save water when we use the dishwasher?
The answer is yes contrary to the general thought. The dishwasher saves more water and energy than if we do it by hand. The average water waste we used when we hand wash the dishes is 88.8 liters per day, 52 of them of hot water. This consume corresponds to the 26% of the total consume volume of the home. 
The dishwasher, on the other hand, reduce the water consume down to 54.2 liters per day, which represents 15.9% with 24.6 liters per day of hot water. Therefore it is a perfect ally to our saving water consume.
Also, clean more deeply and take care of our health. For this is important to use branded products like Finish or Fairy that assure us a deeply clean and disinfection and protect our dishes even in hard water so they always look impeccable.

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