A different scent for each room of your home

 A different scent for each room of your home

Nowadays, there is a great variety of air fresheners and in different formats in the market; electric diffusers, candles, oils, diffuser wands or Mikado, gels and tablets for the toilet... Today we are going to give you some tips to choose the best air freshener for your home and to be able to enjoy a pleasant and comfy atmosphere as it has been published that some smells influence on our mood and sometimes can condition us to be focused on some task and not only to avoid unpleasant smells, for example:

  • Mint. Ideal to create a relaxing and at the same time energetic environment, it increases concentration and stimulates productivity.
  • Citrus fruits like lemon, tangerine and lime give us a fresh clean sensation.
  • Cinnamon. It creates a warm and comfortable place.
  • Lavender. It helps us relieve stress, relax and promote sleep.
  • Rosemary. Acts against mental fatigue.

We can divide home spaces like the following:

  • For the Living room we could choose to create comfortable and dynamic environment using citrus or floral aromas.
  • In Bedrooms it is essential to choose relaxing aromas, some of them would be lavender, jasmine and orange blossom.
  • In the Kitchen is ideal a citrus or a neutralizing air freshener.
  • For Toilets we have special tablets or disk we can place directly on the toilet and they can disinfect too. In the case we use the popular automatic aerosols such as Air Wick refills, it is important to choose correctly the spot where it is placed, preferable close to doors and windows and not too high.

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